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Who we are

Our website address is: http://s2lewis.com/ and http://s2lewis.com/s2web/index.html.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Actually, we don't collect any data of our own. We don't set cookies, even.


We use Google Analytics to collect information about site use. We're not interested in you, individually, other than what an anonymous "you" does here. We've set it up to retain only impersonal data and that for the shortest permitted time. Here is the overall general statement about Google Analytics and data privacy. We have added code to our analytic feature "to anonymize the information sent by the tracker objects by removing the last octet of the IP address prior to its storage" (quote from Google Analytics). This purportedly makes it impossible to locate a user specifically. Google also offers an opt-out extension for the Chrome browser; there is a similar, privately-developed extension for Firefox. They claim to block all recording of your use of the site.

Who we share your data with

Only Google Analytics, and then only according to their privacy and terms of service policies.

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